Kibbutz Nir-Eliyahu is located to the northeast of Kfar-Saba, on the Sharon red soil hills, watching the western slopes of Samaria. The Kibbutz belongs to the Southern Sharon regional council.
On 27th of July, 1950 the first settlers pitched their tents. A group from Turkey with youth immigrants from Romania and Poland, which received training in the Kibbutzim Kfar-Giladi, Ein-Harod, Gal-Ed and Ashdot-Yaakov gathered for founding the kibbutz. The cause of settling in this location was the need to strengthen the rural population in the area and to block the border facing the Arab town of Qalqilia. The kibbutz fields extended to the outskirts of Qalqilia , a fact that led to damage of equipment, buildings and crops.
At the Six Day War, the kibbutz was damaged by shelling from Jordanian posts in Qalqilia (6/6/1967). On 2002, followed by the attacks of the intifada and by the paving of Highway 6 (cross Israel Highway), a security system and a 8 meter height wall were established to protect the road
Kibbutz Nir-Eliyahu belongs to the Kibbutz movement, and was named after Eliyahu Golomb, a senior commander of the Haganah in the struggle of the Jewish population against the British rule before the independence. Over the years of its existence the Kibbutz was joined by young groups from Mexico, South Africa and Israel
  • mary carmen hinterholzer

    For me it will always be the mosy beautiful place in earth…Ill always miss you and thank you for all what you gave me

  • משתמש אנונימי (לא מזוהה)

    I was a german volunteer an came twice to Nir Eliyahu in 1966. Joseph Kushmaro was at that time responsable for the german volunteers. I was harvesting oranges and peanuts and worked in the "Lul" vaccinating chicks. I loved it to eat with all the members in the great dining-hall. I had a great time in Nir Eliyahu, I learned a little bit hebrew and perhaps, somebody remembers me. Michael Dyllick, a blond german young men at that time

  • משתמש אנונימי (לא מזוהה)

    I was a Jewish voluteer from The USA in 1977. It was the dirtyist kibbutz I ever lived on. I encountered anti-american sentiment from an Israeli and most of the South Africans. Nobody made me feel accepted as a Jew. I will never go back there.

    • משתמש אנונימי (לא מזוהה)

      Weird – I don't think the Jewish Americans still living on the kibbutz who also came around that time seem to have the same impression….

      • Arye "Ha Shomen"

        I agree with you 100%. I too volunteered there. Felt very welcome. Enjoyed the work experience and the members were very kind.

    • משתמש אנונימי (לא מזוהה)

      I was an American volunteer there in 1977 . There weren't many of us Americans, especially volunteers. The Ulpan was almost all South Africans. Unless we just missed each other, we must've known each other. I remember 2 Americans, David and Andy. I heard the kibbutz has changed tremendously since then. Is there a way to contact you? my email is: bevdavidson2015@gmail.com

  • משתמש אנונימי (לא מזוהה)

    Please , let mi sister Shoshke Levingson knows I will be arriving April 2nd……looking forward to meet her and all the famliy…her brother Froyke. ( March 31st 2018 ).

  • משתמש אנונימי (לא מזוהה)

    Hi ecerybody. I would like to send a package by order and would like to know the address and postal number of the kibuts Nir Eliyahu. Im from Peru,I appreciate your help

  • Florence

    Hello, from France, we have been volunteers in Nir Eliyahu in 1975 , welcomed by Kalifa family. It was a very pleasant experience. We plan to come in the fist days of June. (for example the 1 or 2st of June) Is it possible to come and visit you ? and overnight ? Is Avram and Evy still there ?
    Thanks for your quick answer. Florence and Jean D.

  • חוה

    Chers je vousmoi je suis toujours la! recevrais avec plaisir malheureusement abraham est decede cela fera2ans le mois demai.

  • florence.dumas@gmail.com

    Sorry by Abraham's death. But Evy, tu es toujours là : wonderfull ! Hope you are in good health, the children also. I would be very glad to meet you. So I plan to come and visit you and the kibbutz on the evening 2th of june .I will come with my husband and 7 friends. Is it also possible to have a diner in the restaurant, before coming back to Tel Aviv ? (= We are 9 french adults). Thanks for your answer.

  • arye.b.aretz@gmail.com

    Volunteer Summer of 1976 for about 3 1/2 months. My impression was that the Members appeared tired of seeing new faces all the time, but after being there for a month, many opened up and welcomed me. I enjoyed my experience there and the opportunity provided. Previously, I was at Kibbutz Dovrat for about 6 1/2 months, which I greatly enjoyed and will always remember. Am Yisrael Chai !!

  • Kibbutz Nir - eliyahu

    The dirtiest place I ever lived! The first person I met there was a redneck-white trash vulonteer from Oklahoma. I was shocked! The toilets did not flush and there was a lack of ventilation in the cramped rooms. I come from a wealthy background in The USA. Not used to living in such horid conditions. The only nice person there who cared about me was Itzico. Does he still live there? Ashkanazi Jew and a wonderful man. Please reply

  • משתמש אנונימי (לא מזוהה)

    I was in 1962 in the kibbutz Nir Eliyaju and now I have digitalized photos of my stay there. I can send you a CD with photos. Please send me a postal address to lothar@dziomba.de so I can send a CD.
    Greetings from Bremen, Germany.

    • Hallo Lothar

      Hallo Lothar
      eventuell war ich zu der gleichen Zeit in Nir Eliyahu. Erinnerst du dich noch an Froike?
      Habe jeden Morgen für alle die Eier gebraten.

  • משתמש אנונימי (לא מזוהה)

    Hello I was there in 1972 loved it,
    Gina Smith

  • משתמש אנונימי (לא מזוהה)

    Hello to all of you in this wonderful kibbutz.

    I was in your kibbutz in summer 1973 – I love to remember this time working in the mainly in the peanuts and oranges.

    Would like to come back again.

    Klaus Steuckart, now from Viersen in Germany

  • Carol Curren

    Hi All,
    I was there for a couple of months as a volunteer on a college trip in early January, 1973. Very glad I found this site. Brought back so many great memories… picking oranges with those heavy sacks, wild and crazy volunteers, there was one Israeli guy living there that never stopped cursing — I wish I could remember his name. There were about 15 of us in a tiny room, blanket to blanket. Cold showers! It was a blast!

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